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In this episode, we chat with Krista Mollion, a highly accomplished B2B marketing expert, entrepreneur, and founder of the Solopreneur MBA e-learning platform. Krista’s expertise in building successful businesses from scratch, without any outside funding, is unparalleled. With over 22 years of experience in B2B marketing, Krista has built multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses and is now working towards her goal of building a 9-figure business.

In our conversation with Krista, we dive into her journey of becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and how she is now helping others do the same. Krista shares with us her mission of making entrepreneurship accessible to all who have a legitimate ‘why’ to help others. Her program, Zero 2 Six, is designed to guide single-member entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, freelancers, side hustlers, and independent consultants towards becoming profitable solopreneurs who generate a high 6-figures in annual revenue.

Krista explains her 6-step plan for achieving 6-figures, which includes automating your income through building high-converting sales funnels that allow you to generate revenue even while you sleep. She shares insights and strategies for building a successful business without relying on outside funding and the power of automation in creating a scalable and sustainable business model.

Throughout our conversation, Krista’s enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship and helping others succeed shine through. She provides valuable advice for anyone looking to start or scale their own business and offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those looking to optimize their sales funnel and automate their income.

Show Notes:
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