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Behind the Clicks: How Adam Robinson Transforms Anonymous Traffic into Gold

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Adam Robinson – CEO of Retention.com

Adam Robinson, CEO of retention.com and RB2B, discusses his journey in the SaaS business and the challenges he faced in building his team and scaling his businesses. He highlights the importance of finding a technical co-founder and the difficulty of starting a SaaS company without prior experience. Adam also emphasizes the need for clear role definitions and expectations within a team and the value of building a personal brand to create thought leadership and drive business growth. Adam discusses the importance of personal branding and vulnerability in building a successful business. He shares his journey of leveraging LinkedIn to grow his software business and the power of creating a personal connection with his audience. Adam also talks about the concept of the Blue Ocean Strategy and the need to differentiate oneself in a competitive market. He provides insights into his businesses, Retention.com and RB2B.com, and discusses his plans for expanding the suite of products.

Innovative Software Solutions: Adam Robinson’s company, Retention.com, offers unique software that identifies anonymous website visitors and converts them into email contacts for e-commerce stores. RB Tob extends this concept to B2B, targeting sales teams by converting site visitors into LinkedIn profiles and business emails.

Viral Adoption and Market Impact: The software has experienced rapid and viral adoption due to its unique value proposition, significantly impacting how businesses engage with unidentified site visitors.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: The technology raises questions about legality and ethics, but it operates within legal confines in the U.S., suggesting careful navigation of regulatory environments.

Entrepreneurial Journey: Adam’s transition from a Wall Street trader at Lehman Brothers to a tech entrepreneur illustrates a significant career pivot, highlighting the challenges and opportunities encountered in starting and scaling a tech company.

Business Strategy and Personal Branding: Adam emphasizes the importance of differentiation in competitive markets and discusses the strategic use of personal branding and transparency in building trust and loyalty with customers and stakeholders.