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Prepare to be motived and inspired by Jamar Jones.

Our friend Jamar talks about how his story began in the rap scene and abruptly ended after a random vocal cord injury. He then took his passion and positivity to the marketing scene where he quickly transitioned and started a marketing agency.

About Jamar Jones: Jamar Jones, business owner, speaker, and author of the book, “Change Your Circle, Change Your Life,”. He is a visionary who believes in leadership and subscribes to the notion that we can all connect with each other in a relatable way. Jamar’s experience inspired him to establish his agency, Foureva Media.

He has worked with companies like BMW, Red Bull, and VaynerX and created a brand with an audience of over 40,000.

Jamar is proud to serve others as a beacon for excellence; his philosophies and intentional action have changed the landscape of his life and the lives of others. @FourevaMedia

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Show Notes:
Jamar’s Book: Change Your Circle Change Your Life

Foureva Media

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