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So often marketing gets overlooked when we talk about business, specifically leadership. However, a personal brand is so much more important than you think. 

Do you have a personal brand? If so, what does that brand say about you? Are you just another leader or are you different? As David says in the show, your leadership is your brand and your brand is your leadership. 

Join us in this episode as David shares his entrepreneurial journey, and how he leads and deals with unruly clients. He also talks about how you can stand out as a leader. 

Join us for another wildly entertaining episode.

Who Is David Brier?

Short version: ★ Branding Specialist ★ Rebranding expert. ★ Award-winning package designer ★ Fast Company contributor ★ Slideshare author with over 670,000 views across the globe ★ What does investor and celebrity of Shark Tank, Daymond John, say of David Brier? “David Brier is brilliant with branding.” David Brier is a branding veteran who for three decades has provided branding strategies, brand identities, and package design for startups, retail, technology, and tourism brands. His work has been featured in Ad Age, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, New York Times Magazine, INC., Communication Arts, and numerous other publications. David is also one of the Slideshare rock stars whose insightful and irreverent presentations have been viewed over 670,000 times. David’s branding skill has helped the New York City Ballet, Revlon, Estée Lauder, Botanical Bakery, Coco Polo, Legacy Chocolates, The New York Times Magazine, Sunbelt Software, KnowBe4.com, and many regional and local companies as well as several cities. David is the recipient of over 320 industry awards and recognitions. When David is not busy creating award-winning solutions for his clients, he speaks, consults, and writes, authoring not only his book, Defying Gravity & Rising Above the Noise but also his own blog as well as his expert blog for Fast Company which has covered the branding pitfalls of Best Buy, the rebranding of The Gap and the hit TV show, Shark Tank, which Daymond John called, “the best article ever written on Shark Tank.” Thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching/listening!

Show Notes: 
David’s Upcoming Masterclass: RisingAboveThe.com/say-less-sell-more/
David’s FREE ebook at www.risingabovethenoise.com.