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Helping busy leaders reclaim their time.

In today’s episode, we journey deep into the art of being “good busy” with our special guest, Kate Sotsenko, the ingenious founder of “The Good Busy” from London, England. For many of us, the term ‘busy’ might evoke feelings of stress, chaos, and overwhelm. However, what if we told you that ‘busy’ can be a positive force in your life?

Kate dives into her transformative approach, teaching us how to harness our time effectively, prioritize genuine productivity over mere activity, and discover the profound difference between the two. Drawing from her vast experience, including her enlightening stint at a luxury resort in Thailand, Kate offers a fresh perspective on time management and the true essence of productivity.

But it’s not just about time – it’s about mindset. From discussing the role of thinking biases to the value of monotasking (taking a cue from athletes!), this episode is a goldmine for anyone wanting to escape the relentless hamster wheel and find balance. Discover the compelling connection between productivity, mental well-being, and the right mindset. Plus, receive actionable advice on mastering the email game, understanding the pivotal difference between goals and KPIs, and the secret weapon all leaders should consider: coaching.

Whether you’re an executive, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone simply looking to bring more purposeful productivity into your life, this episode is your roadmap. Let Kate guide you on how to make time for what truly matters most.

Tune in and redefine what it means to be ‘busy’. 🌟

About Kate:
Kate Sotsenko, is a former junior tennis player, a curious organization freak with 15 years in retail and hospitality. Founder of Good Busy where she helps people get good busy so they can make time for what matters.