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We’ve got a really inspiring entrepreneur in Luke Wyckoff. Luke is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Wyckoff Consulting and Social Media Energy. In this episode, we dive into Luke’s upbringing in a small town and the valuable life lessons he learned from his family’s businesses, his first job in photography, his experience on the college debate team, and how all those experiences helped propel his journey in entrepreneurship.

Luke shares how his company, Social Media Energy, was founded by mistake but found immediate success, and his recipe for rapid growth and sustained success. He emphasizes the importance of hiring and surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, and how this has spurred growth in his companies.

Throughout the podcast, it’s clear that Luke has a lens for continuous learning. He shares how he continually steps outside of his comfort zone, tries new things, and strives to be the best version of himself.

Luke has helped hundreds of companies including his own find and secure talented employees who are an exact culture fit. Later in the show, Luke reveals the top 5 criteria he helps his clients look for when hiring. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration on entrepreneurship, leadership, and team-building. This podcast is a diamond for anyone seeking practical advice on how to build a successful business.

Show Notes:
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Wyckoff Consulting
LukeWyckoff.com (Public Speaking)
Social Media Energy (His agency)
Anxiety Seminars