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Featuring Pat Miller – The Idea Coach

Welcome to another exhilarating episode of The Hustle Nation Podcast! This time, we’re journeying into the innovative mind of Pat Miller – a syndicated radio host, TEDx speaker, and the luminary behind the game-changing ‘Idea Collective’ small business incubator. From center-stage radio in Illinois to profound epiphanies in Milwaukee, Pat’s journey is a testament to the spirit of change and evolution. Tune in as we delve deep into the world of entrepreneurs, explore why doing “everything for everyone” can often mean “nothing for no one”, and unlock the significance of community in fueling entrepreneurial passions.

But that’s not all. Ever thought about how fitness equates to entrepreneurial success? We’ve got insights on that too! And hear a captivating story about a children’s dance studio that transformed into an international sensation, even turning down Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

So, whether you’re a solopreneur seeking direction, a business enthusiast curious about the broadcasting world, or just someone craving a dose of inspiration – this episode delivers revelations, relatability, and a roadmap to not just grow, but to truly thrive. Because as Pat Miller passionately believes, you shouldn’t have to “grow it alone.” Join us for a ride into the universe of ideas and transformation.

About Pat Miller: 

Pat is the guy you want on your side when you don’t know what to do, are overwhelmed or simply stumped.

Pat served as an on-air broadcaster and leader for 22 years. Local radio is all about connecting with listeners and inspiring them to take action. It could be through a laugh, encouraging a sale, or simply being their companion throughout the day. The business side of radio relies on working with small businesses in the area. Pat’s specialty in the business was solving marketing and attention problems for local small businesses. 

Show Notes: