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Have you ever wondered, “How can I identify and overcome my limiting beliefs?” Then you’ll love what our guest Scott Jones has to say. 

In this episode, we dive into the world of solopreneurship and mindset transformation with Scott Jones. Over the past 5 years, Scott has embarked on a remarkable journey, starting with a private math tutoring company that eventually expanded into a college prep service. But his true passion ignited when he realized the power of coaching and how it could help others on a deeper level.

Now, Scott is revolutionizing the game by leveraging the power of LinkedIn and introducing his leash-trained cat, Moose, to grow his practice and reach clients across the globe. Together, they are on a mission to empower individuals to turn their mindset into money and unlock their full potential.

We later dive into Scott’s LinkedIn headline, “Turning Your Mindset into Money,” and his claim that solopreneurs spend 40% of their time on tasks that don’t generate income. Join us as Scott unpacks the essence behind the CTFAR Modal and provides valuable insights into maximizing productivity and profitability.

Discover the common mindsets and limiting beliefs that often hold people back from achieving their true potential. Scott’s training and experience allow him to identify these roadblocks and guide his clients toward transformation. Tune in as he reveals powerful strategies, including the CTFAR model and simple tactics, that enable individuals to work on changing their mindset and breaking free from self-imposed limitations.

But Scott’s impact doesn’t stop there. He also shares his techniques for teaching and implementing these transformative practices with business leaders to effectively grow their culture. Uncover how Scott helps them break free from unproductive mindsets, empowering them to lead with clarity, purpose, and profitability.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Scott as he sheds light on the common pitfalls solopreneurs face and provides actionable steps to overcome them. Prepare to be inspired as he shares his expertise, stories, and practical advice to help you unlock your full potential and turn your mindset into money.

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Show Notes:
Scott Jones on LinkedIn
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