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In this episode, we sit down with the incredible Sharon Hulce. She’s not your ordinary CEO—she’s a trailblazer in the executive search world and a proud author of the book “A Well-Done Professional Midlife Crisis.”

In this conversation, Sharon spills the beans on her fascinating journey from being a farm girl to running a top-notch executive search firm. She shares stories about her adventures in the corporate world, the ups and downs of her career, and how she managed to build one of the largest executive search firms in the Midwest..

But that’s not all! Sharon drops some serious wisdom bombs on finding great talent in today’s crazy job market. She reveals the secret sauce behind her success: looking beyond the resume and getting to know the real person behind it. It’s all about matching company culture and finding candidates who have the guts to take risks and be courageous.

As a true leader, Sharon opens up about how she helps others reach their full potential. From boosting confidence to nurturing a killer work environment, she knows the secret recipe for creating next-level leaders. Plus, she’ll give you a sneak peek into her unconventional strategies for tackling the dreaded midlife crisis.

This is not just another episode—it’s a wild ride filled with laughter, inspiration, and actionable insights. Tune in as we dive deep into the world of Sharon Hulce, the fearless CEO who’s shaking up the job hunt game. And don’t forget to connect with Sharon on LinkedIn and check out her book, “A Well-Done Professional Midlife Crisis.”

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