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Alan Stein Jr. shares insights on coaching, training, and creating high-performance cultures in sports and business organizations. He discusses the importance of commitment, work ethic, and aligning beliefs with behaviors. He also explores the challenges of coaching at different levels and the role of modeling behavior in leadership. The conversation covers core values, communication, leadership, and success simplification. Alan Stein Jr. shares insights on core values, the importance of communication, the distinction between managing and leading, and the significance of simplifying success. He also shares stories about working with high-level professional athletes, including Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry.


  • Coaching Philosophy and Family Approach: Alan emphasizes the importance of clear goals and commitment in sports and life. He adopts a hands-off approach with his children, encouraging them to pursue their goals independently while offering support when asked.
    Importance of Core Values and Culture: Alan stresses the significance of core values in creating a high-performing culture in sports and business. He believes in respecting everyone and ensuring that actions align with the organization’s mission and values.
    Communication and Leadership: Effective communication is critical to avoiding dysfunction in organizations and relationships. Alan highlights the importance of clear, respectful, and empathetic communication to foster strong team connections and trust.
    Success Simplified: Alan advocates for mastering the basics and fundamentals in any field, drawing inspiration from high performers like Kevin Durant. He believes in simplifying success by focusing on consistent, incremental progress and avoiding unnecessary complexity.
  • Interview Insights and Hiring Practices: Alan shares his approach to interviewing potential team members. He asks about their alignment with core values and seeks individuals who demonstrate integrity and character, which helps ensure a strong cultural fit within the organization.
  • Balancing Micromanagement and Empowerment: Alan discusses the pitfalls of micromanagement and the importance of empowering team members by setting clear goals, providing necessary resources, and allowing autonomy. He believes this balance fosters trust, accountability, and better performance within the team.

00:00:  Introduction to Alan Stein Jr. and His Journey
03:05:  The Role of Commitment and Work Ethic in Achieving Goals
08:09:  Challenges and Nuances of Coaching at Different Levels
26:43:  The Power of Core Values in Personal and Professional Alignment
32:45:  Effective Communication: The Heart of Organizational Success
34:36:  Leadership: Empowerment and Autonomy
45:58:  Simplifying Success: Focus on the Basics
49:50:  High Standards and Relentless Dedication